Terms for teachers

Terms for teachers

When you become a teacher on the LTE e-learning platform, you accept the following Terms.

Obligations of the Teacher

The Teacher is responsible for all the content he publishes, including lectures, quizzes, coding exercises, practical tests, tasks, resources, answers, course page content and announcements (“Content provided“).

The Teacher declares to guarantee that:

he/she will provide and update account information;

he/she possesses the licenses, rights, permits and authority necessary to use the Content provided;

in particular, the Content provided does not violate or misuse the intellectual property rights of third parties;

has the necessary competence (including training, knowledge and skills) to teach and offer services;

gives promptly answers to students questions and guarantee a high quality service.

The Teacher guarantees that he will not:

publish or provide information or content that is inappropriate, offensive, racist, derogatory, sexist, pornographic, false, misleading, incorrect, prohibited, defamatory or libelous;

publish or transmit advertising, promotional material, junk mail, unsolicited mail or any other content (commercial or otherwise) that is not requested or authorized by the Services or to any user;

use the Services for commercial purposes;

participate in activities that would entail for LTE e-learning the need to obtain licenses or to pay royalties to third parties;

impersonate another person or make unauthorized access to another person’s account; interfere with the services or courses of other teachers;

misuse LTE e-learning resources, including support services.

LTE e-learning rights

The Teacher grants LTE e-learning the rights to share course content with its users and outside, depending on whether they prefer a course closed to the community or an open course.

Unless otherwise agreed, the Teacher has the right to remove all or any part of the provided Content from the Services at any time. However, (1) the rights granted to students prior to the removal will remain valid (2) as well as will remain valid the right of LTE e-learning to use such Content provided for development goals.

Trust and security policies

LTE e-learning reserves the right to remove courses, and / or exclude teachers for any reason and at any time, without notice, including in cases where:

a teacher or course does not comply with the LTE e-learning legal policies or terms (including the Terms of Use);

a course falls below the quality standards of LTE e-learning or negatively affects the students’ experience;

a teacher adopts a behavior that could negatively reflect on LTE e-learning;

a teacher uses the services of a business partner who violates LTE e-learning policies.


LTE e-learning is not able to provide advice on any disputes between the Teacher and these users

Relations with other users

The teachers do not have a direct contractual relationship with the students, therefore the only information that the Teacher will receive regarding the students are those provided through the Services. The Teacher undertakes to indemnify LTE e-learning from any claim deriving from its bad use of students’ personal data.


Since LTEconomy is a non-profit organization, and until a service company is formed, most of the courses will be free of charge with a request for a free donation to guarantee maintenance and development of the platform. The donation will be granted to LTEconomy.

Registered trademarks

The Teacher with published courses can, if authorized by LTE e-learning and in compliance with the requirements listed below, use the registered trademarks of LTE e-learning.

The Teacher must:

use only the images of registered trademarks that LTE e-learning makes available;

use only the registered trademarks of LTE e-learning in relation to the development of the platform and its professional development and immediately cease use if requested by LTE e-learning.

The Teacher must not:

use the registered trademarks of LTE e-learning in a misleading or disparaging way;

use the registered trademarks of LTE e-learning in a way that violates law or in relation to an obscene, indecent or illicit subject or material.

Account deletion

The Teacher agrees that if the students have previously enrolled in its courses, the name of the Teacher and the Content provided will remain accessible to these students after the account has been deleted. In case of difficulty in eliminating the account, the Teacher can request assistance from LTE e-learning.

Update of these Terms

Periodically, we can update these Terms to clarify our practices or indicate new or different practices, and LTE e-learning reserves the right to change and / or modify these Terms at any time. Any substantial changes will be communicated to you using appropriate methods. The changes will come into effect from the date of their publication, unless otherwise indicated.

The continuation of the use of our Services after the date of entry into force of the changes implies the acceptance of these changes. The modified Terms will prevail over all previous Terms.

Relations between the parties

The parties agree not to be bound by any joint venture, collaboration, employment, supply or agency relationship.