Terms and conditions

The mission of the LTE e-learning platform is to create a “truly” sustainable society by spreading the ability to think, decide and act taking into account the long-term effects of our actions/decisions. The platform has two categories of users: teachers and the students. LTE e-learning is an honest platform to integrate the knowledge of experts in sustainability in different sectoral areas. The Long Term Economy association owns the platform.

Any user must read and accept the privacy policy.
– http://www.lteconomy.it/blog/privacy-policy-2/

Your account

In order to use the services offered in our platform you need to have an account. You will be responsible for all activities associated with your account. If you suspect other people are using your account, let us know by contacting our team.

Subscription to courses

After you have signed up for a course, you are allowed by LTE e-learning to view it, but no different usage is allowed. You must not transfer or resell the courses in any way. We grant you an unlimited access, except in cases where we are required to deactivate the course for legal or corporate policy reasons.

Donations and payments

Most courses are “free”. There are few courses that require a fee. Participants are however asked to contribute with their own free donation for the maintenance and development of the platform.

Contents and rules of behaviour

You can use LTE e-learning only for lawful purposes. You are responsible for all the content you post on the platform. Reviews, questions, posts, courses and other uploaded content must comply with our Guidelines, as well as respect the intellectual property rights of third parties. We can block your account for serious or repeated violations. If you believe that someone is violating your copyright on the platform, please let us know.

LTE e-learning rights

You keep ownership of the content you post on our platform, including your courses. We are authorized to share your content with any person by any means to bring on the mission of the platform.

Using LTE e-learning at your own risk

Anyone can use LTE e-learning to create and publish courses and we offer teachers and students the tools necessary for interactions, teaching and learning. Like any other platforms, LTE e-learning is not without its problems and its use is at your sole risk.

LTE e-learning ownership

We own the LTE e-learning platform and services, including the website, current or future apps and elements such as our logos, APIs, code and content created by our collaborators. You cannot tamper with such content or use it without permission

Miscellaneous Legal Terms

These Terms are like any other contract and contain complex but important legal terms that protect us from the countless events that could occur and clarify the legal relationship between LTE e-learning and its users.

Dispute resolution

In the event of a dispute, our team will be happy to help you resolve it. You cannot participate in a collective action against us.