Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

This course lasts about 4 months (precisely 18 weeks; 2 weeks for each lesson is recommended).

The course is on-demand. But preferably you can take it in Jan-Apr; May-August; Sept-Dec. This is because we are also planning some live sessions.

As for the Long Term Thinking course, it will be free to take it and the related certificate in 2021. As for 2022, we will decide if putting the certificate by fee. As for the other courses, it depends on the course and all the information is given during the subscription.

No Title is required. You just need to subscribe to the platform and choose what course you want to do.

Yes. The condition is that the course is related to sustainability and should respect the standards that will be given to you. You can contact us and we will give you all the information needed.

First, you can take the certificate of Long Term Thinker and become a local leader. So you can start local projects with our support. Then you can make your courses. Third you can donate how much you want to the Long Term Economy Association. –