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This course includes 7 lessons (one of them split in two parts) which give the basic knowledge to start thinking with a long term perspective in mind. It is aimed at getting the original certificate of “Long Term Thinker” and with this representing the core component of Long Term Economy movement. Here the topics touched by the course: Climate Change, Beyond GDP, Global Inequality, Mass Extinction, Food, New Economic Models, Sustainable Development Goals. With this course you will acquire the basic knowledge necessary to talk about “sustainability” with much more competence and confidence and give a greater contribution in changing our society into a “real sustainable” one.


The Long Term Thinker certificate has been designed in order to improve one skill that is becoming more and more rare in our society: the skill to think with a long term perspective in mind. Soon the entire world will need to shift towards Long Term Thinking in order to be sustainable and will find in our community the answer. The procedure for getting the certificate includes 3 conditions: 1) to follow the 7-lessons course; 2) being a blogger and write at least 3 articles every 2 months; 3) Participating to the Forum in this platform.