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The purpose of this course (that is a three-month course) is to give people the knowledge about how to find and how to read the main figures on Climate Change, basically: CO2 emissions and concentration, Temperatures anomalies, Arctic Melting. Moreover, we will learn how to better understand the publications of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the effects of Climate Change on local communities, and how to adapt ad manage them. If you want to better manage this topic, this is the course for you.

Content: CO2 emissions vs CO2 concentration, Temperature anomalies, Arctic Ice melting, understanding IPCC publications, Critical thinking on Climate Change, How to include in your projects anti Climate Change policies
Duration: 3 months,
Mode: at least 4 zoom meetings + video lessons
Charge: The course is free
Certificate: Yes (a minimum donation may be required for handling the e-learning platform cost: from 2 euros up)
Organizers: Long Term Economy Org and Global Goodwill Ambassador foundation