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Long Term Economy e-learning platform was launched in November 2019. It is the result of a process which started in 2011 when Dario Ruggiero (independent researcher) founded the root causes of human unsustainability in Short-Termism (our society gives value to short term assets, e.g., profits).

Long Termism (a society which take decisions at all levels taking into account long term assets – nature, culture, social stability) is the solution. A process of research started to find professours, politicians and entrepreneurs which act according to Long Term Economy principles.

With the increase of followers, in 2017 a blog was launched were experts and passionated people could write their own articles. As blogger became more and more accustomed to Long Term Economy principles, the idea of certificating bloggers who have developed “Long Term Thinking” skill was conceived. It gave room for creating a more general e-learning platform.

LTE-Learning platform has been built with the mission of spreading the principles of Long Term Economy all over the world and making a definitive step towards sustainability for humankind.

The platform has been designed by Dario Ruggiero (founder of Long Term Economy) and his brother Gennaro Ruggiero (expert in IT), and belong to Long Term Economy association. You can learn more about Long Term Economy here – http://www.lteconomy.it/en/the-association/category-en-gb/the-association.

The core of the platform is the Long Term Thinker certificate, designed for bloggers of long Term economy and develop the community of Long Term Thinker. The community will interact with institutions, managers and firms to develop the best-quality and flexible courses to spread Long Term Economy principles in the world.

The final result will be a tool, full of courses and forums, for every part of the population in order to develop Long Term Thinking and adopt Long Term Economy principles. There will be course for Universities, for Schools and for firms.

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